Kathmandu valley is a fabulous destination to kick off short trekkings, hiking, and adventures. This route gives you a glimpse of enormous mountain ranges, green forests, ascending and descending foothills, floras, faunas, monasteries, and many such hidden treasures. There are many beautiful places in Kathmandu valley that are quite popular among the Nepalese and foreigners for short trekking and adventures trips.

Hiking Places in Kathmandu

Some of the major hiking routes to and from Kathmandu are Nagarjun day hiking, Nagarkot-Changunarayan trek, Nagarkot-Dhulikhel, Panauti-Namobuddha off-routes, Nagarkot-Dhulikhel, Panauti-Namobuddha, Dhulikhel-Namobuddha, etc.

Nagarjun jungles have mythical history according to Hindu mythology, where holy priests used to do meditations. From the foothills of Nagarkot, you will see a grand vision of sunset, sunrise, and high Himalayan ranges. Similarly, Namobuddha is an excellent destination to discover peace, spiritualism under the umbrella of Buddhism. The monasteries of Namobuddha are sacred and comprises of medieval history. Namobuddha is at high altitude, at the base of hilly backyards.

Thus, Kathmandu has to offer a lot; there are many such trekking and hiking routes where you can experience many hidden treasures. Apart from hiking, there are many places to have a tour in Kathmandu.
Below is the short briefing of some of the popular trekking routes of Kathmandu Valley.