We offer various short yoga classes in Kathmandu, Nepal which is suitable for all age groups. In today’s busy life, yoga is a way of living. Yoga, meditation is practiced widely in eastern society; however, presently, yoga is flourishing worldwide. Yoga comprises physical, mental, and spiritual practices, and the continuous training of yoga results in better health, peace, harmony, spiritualism, and divine feelings.

We specialize in a short and regular yoga workshop for our clients. We offer traditional Hatha yoga classes for a quick trip. However, the daily yoga classes in Kathmandu include varieties of yoga practices such as Hatha yoga, Vinyasa yoga, and Pranayam yoga and Astrology Yoga. Furthermore, travelers can learn about their origin, practices, benefits, and more.
Thus, yoga in Kathmandu is a refreshing experience to inhale the grace of spiritualism, natural health, positive feelings, and a Christlike attitude